Custom Made Dresses

Article by Alexandra Donaldson

When speaking to Marina Lemoyne it is obvious that she is passionate about her work. With over twenty years experience in design and a successful business, which includes some work on the outfits for the most recent Olympics, it's not hard to see why.

Marina designs custom dresses for many special occasions and prides herself on a personal and collaborative experience that leaves both herself and her customers extremely happy. "Many people are scared to begin the process of custom dresses," says Marina, "But then they become a part of the process, they get to be designers as well. It's fun, it's personal, and that's the way it should be." Customers get the experience of seeing their own ideas actualized with the help of a talented, certifiable designer which truly makes this a meeting of the minds.

Personal experiences are exactly what Marina wants to promote both in her designs and her method of working with her customers. She works out of her home, with high quality materials, and is always assessing and taking into account the customers' needs, vision, and creativity. It's the private, personal, and comfortable experience that has Marina's many clients making repeat visits for all their special occasion dress wear. With the client’s input highly valued, customers walk away satisfied because they’ve been given a final product made to their exact specifications, and were present for every step in the creative process.

Being a customer of Marina's means you work with her, one-on-one with her undivided attention. "Many of my clients have many of my designs, they always come back." Building relationships is Marina’s first priority, and making sure her clients get exactly what they want is something that she sets out to do. She understands the importance of once-in-a-lifetime events and loves giving each of her customers the chance to look exquisite and exude beauty on those special days. With happy customers and a collaborative style, Custom Dresses by Marina is the best possible shopping experience, adding that extra dash of dazzling to your big day.


Interview With Marina Lemoyne